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My Story

I grew up surrounded by the snow-topped rocky mountains. When I moved back to my birth place of Sacramento, something was missing. It took a while to realize my heart longed to see those bold and powerful mountains on the horizon. While dating, my husband and I took many long drives through the childlike rolling hills of northern California. I grew to love this bit of California landscape. Now we live simply in the hills of Gold Country. I have found mountains again and I am at peace. Life is simple. The smell of pine trees as I write outside on the porch. A blue bird flies by. Everything is green and blooming. It reminds me of camping as a child. My sweet baby laughing. Walking back and forth from mom to dad giving kisses. Only saying a few words but speaking to my heart daily. Walks along the rushing river where gold was discovered. A few hours of computer work at the local cafe, the only cafe in this small town. Picking up organic produce and farm fresh eggs down the road. All of this just a short drive from the bustle of the city. Where we drop Avalon off with her Grandma and go to work. Photographing a sweet newborn baby, a family playing and laughing, a couple on their wedding day. So much joy and love. I remember the first time I thought I would become a photographer. I was photographing my nephew just 4 years old. The light traced his profile. The curve of his little child nose and long eyelashes. Wrapped in his mothers arms. It was so beautiful. Why didn’t I see this before? Life is beautiful. Magical through the lens of a camera. Frozen in that frame. Always there to hold on to. To remind us. Where has the time gone. The little boy is now 18. Grown. That was the beginning. I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could. This is my path. To document life and love with a camera. Somewhere in those years of learning I met the man I would marry. Just two people who happened to take the same Art History course. How could I have known I would love him so deeply. That he would push and strengthen me in my weak moments. Make me laugh and end each day with a kiss. He plays his guitar and sings. Our sweet daughter bops up and down to the beat. Our newest adventure. Bringing her into this world just over a year ago. This is where you find me now.

xo Kristy

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